Pre-Order Exclusive!

pre order exclusive photo 16.10.18

For every pair of Mood Pants pre-ordered, we are giving you a natural handmade soap from our friends at The Soap Shop Ltd! Give yourself or a friend something to smile about with our gift bundle special! This offer is only available for pre-orders.

Mood Pants are made of 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

All Mood Pants are delivered in a beautiful, glossy gift box. Our gift box is fully recyclable and eco-friendly!

Miss Grumpy Pants

How about a miniature micro pig perched on your bottom? Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay, and instead of taking it out on the world around you, slap a pair of grumpy pants on your bum and sit on that bad mood.

Grumpy Pants – £9.99

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