Love Is In The Air And Valentine’s Day Is Approaching

Valentine’s Day Gifts


Hey Mood Pantsers! Love is in the air and the time for funny gifts and sexy Lingerie has begun. Getting your Valentine’s Day Gifts is rapidly approaching and what better way to spoil your loved one than with a pair of Horny Pants!? You might even get Lucky if she’s “in the Mood”

Personalised Pants Coming Soon!

It’s been a while since our last blog but it’s been fab to relax and put our feet up over the last couple of weeks. We’ve used this time to come up with new ideas and new products to bring you in 2019 and you won’t be disappointed! The option to personalise your pants will be available in time for Valentine’s Day which many of you have requested!  These Mood Pants will be made to order and dispatched within 5 days. Personalised gifts are a great way to add some extra meaning to a present and having that option available really fits in with our mission of creating a fun and enjoyable experience.

“Knickers Christmas”

It’s been wonderful to hear all the lovely feedback and stories about your Mood Pants! Someone bought their daughters a pair of Mood Pants each and their family named Christmas 2018 as “Knickers Christmas”. How can that be beaten this year?

A Day In The Life Of Mood Pants

Being more involved with the numbers side of the business, I always find it intriguing how Zoe goes about ‘a day in the life of Mood Pants.’ There’s never a dull moment, she spends hours and hours every day working on creating ideas we come up with. I’ve never seen a more imaginative mind than Zoe has!

Hard work paying off

When we think back to when we first came up with the concept of Mood Pants we always have a good laugh. We thought it would only take a month or two to get up and running! Starting up has taken a lot more time and work than expected, but it is such a fantastic experience. Watching our business grow in popularity, seeing people enjoying their Mood Pants and putting our ideas to reality is the most satisfying achievement for us, because it’s a reflection of all the hard work that goes on in the background paying off.

Project with Bedfordshire University

We are really looking forward to working on a project with a talented group of students at Bedfordshire University. Together, we’re developing a cool video to promote a new range of Mood Pants which are coming soon!

Belated Happy New Year and don’t forget your Valentine’s Day gifts!

Zoe xx