Mood Pants, the perfect underwear for sensitive skin

The time has come to take a talkative trip to your downstairs. Watch out it might be 'sensitive'!


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When it comes to womanly problems we tend to avoid the topic of sensitive crotches. Unless you’re close enough friends to share each other’s hair brushes you may feel alone on this topic. How many times have you been sitting down with your legs rocking about all over the place or standing awkwardly because you have an itch? Where is the back scratcher when you need it!?
Well this happens to lots of us so you aren’t alone.

Tackling the issue of sensitive skin

When we created Mood Pants I identified a serious need for women and especially young women to wear comfortable panties. Yeah we all love those string things that err disappear up.. you know, but the after effects can be less than satisfactory. We created Mood Pants with the knowledge that our cotton is going to aid your sensitive regions. We aren’t lying to you, when we exaggerate the ‘cotton elastane blend’ which tackles what I am going to talk about, Mood Pants have become an effective solution for me.

I think I'll stick to cotton panties

I’ve come across so many disastrous issues with polyester underwear and scratchy lace, half of us are trying to cut the label out in hope for a more comfortable life down there! Excuse me, the label’s on the back… but we are desperate in these situations! It’s called Thrush (thou that shall not be named) and a burning 75% of Woman (according to my virtual medical centre) get this once in their lifetime. In which simplified (not an official definition), your good bodily levels get unbalanced with your bad fluids (down there) causing thrush.

Causes of sensitive skin

There are two major causes of this: One is using washing products containing parabens which is a harsh man made substance. Another is using cleansers that aren’t pH balanced which is likely to put your intimate regions out of sync. Have you ever noticed the ‘after bath sting’? Whilst there are products out there to sort the short term effects out, the long term solution is cotton underwear.

This brings us onto the next big cause.

Not having breathable fabric against your delicate skin, causing constriction and sensitive skin to be irritated. That will explain the redness; the constant Doctors appointment and a big red sign saying ‘keep out’. Then you really will need your Grumpy Pants. Your cooch needs more looking after than you think. And, like Patricia Bright talks about good quality underwear in her Youtube video she perfectly quotes “look after her, she requires the best”. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

The solution!

Mood Pants are made with a much more breathable fabric, allowing water vapour to escape and evaporate. So as well as being great fun and mega comfortable, they even have their health benefits! What more could one want? Yessssss, you will be able to jump around, go to your yoga classes and snuggle down after a bath in peace. Look after her ladies! You deserve it.

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Till next time,

Zoe xx