Things To Do While Stuck At Home

15 things to do while stuck at home over these next few weeks


With coronavirus (COVID-19) we need to approach life in a different way to what we have done before. Things will be on hold, yes, but keeping productive doesn’t have to be put on hold.

We are always looking for fun, crazy ideas

Here at Mood Pants we are always looking for fun ideas, crazy ideas and different ways to go about life. The team will be finding ways to prepare and plan for when the world isn’t a crazy place. But also, as human beings we need routine, enjoyment and communication to stop ourselves from getting bored. Let’s be positive and make the best use of time out of this situation.Luke and I wanted to share with you, 15 things that you can do in your home over the next few weeks:

Find a jar, write down all the small things and tailor it to you and whoever wants to join in. Some can be done with an isolation buddy or sibling and some are great for doing by yourself. Keep busy and find enjoyment in the smaller thing

1. A jar of activities

Every year during winter, Luke and I create a jar and put all the things we like to do inside our house, as well as new ideas we come up with. We close our eyes; scramble around and then pick out a scrunched-up postage note and carry out whatever activity has been chosen.

Things to add:
-Put together our ultimate travel bucket list
-Read a book with somebody else
-Learn salsa using YouTube together
-Play Jenga with written truths and dares on each brick
-What’s in my mouth? You have to guess what you’ve just eaten.
-Write a letter to your future self
-Brainstorm business ideas
-Plan your 2021 trip
-Date night bingo
-Cocktail making night
-Stargazing night in your garden

2. DIY fix

This is a fantastic time to get all the jobs around the house done that you never had time to do before. What needs changing? Do you intend to paint your walls? Maybe a door handle or pipe needs fixing. Is that toilet roll handle still loose? You can even make it fun! Be creative with a memory wall, maybe you want to put some plants up around the house, to have some outdoor scenery inside your home. You could put together an ornament that can be made from home materials. Flower walls are popular. Right now, YOU HAVE TIME!

3. Spring Cleaning

Before you start anything, make sure to wash your hands! Go from room to room, and tidy each room up. Start off by picking up everything that needs a home, put things away and have a move about. Decide what you don’t want and look in your wardrobe for old clothes. Could you give your unwanted clothes to Charity, or make new uses for things? Next deep clean- get the sponge and spray into every nook and cranny (Make sure you are wearing a mask and gloves though!) Put some incense in your house and create a clean and fresh environment.

4. Netflix Checklist

Binge-worthy series that can take you to another place:

Dramas for young adults to relate to:
Elite, Sex education, Spinning out, Good Girls,  The society.
25 Top-rated comedy films.
– 5 documentaries you want to learn from.
-Something completely different.
-What can you binge with your household?

If you want to try something new, Netflix has a downloadable extension that allows you to watch Netflix live with your friends, so you can see each other’s reaction and discuss the film afterwards. Virtual party, right?

5. Set a Reading Challenge

You’re going to spend a lot of time lounging around so reading is a great activity to keep your brain active and engaged. It’s also productive because you are constantly learning, improving reading skills and picking up new vocabulary. Books can really take your mind to other places and forget about any worries.

You can set your reading goal via Goodreads, an app that allows you to find books based on your best reads. You can view ratings, see what your friends like and you can create ‘to-read lists’ and ‘have-read lists’. Personalize your virtual library and get involved in challenges. There is also a whole community waiting to connect with.

-I like to read one self-development book a month, usually on business and mindset and then read fiction books at my own pace.

Tip: Books before bed create a great routine and encourage a better night’s sleep.

If you want to lounge about even more, or multitask, download audible! In your first month you can listen to any book for FREE and then cancel at any time. Set a goal of listening to one book for  20-minutes a day and by the end of the month you would have finished your audio book.

6. Make funny Tik Tok videos

Whether you want to use Tik Tok for business or for fun, Tik Tok videos are fantastic fun to make.

  1. Have a page theme
  2. Create a list of video ideas
  3. Connect with friends who want to share your videos.You could even set the goal of becoming Tik Tok famous!

Types of videos:

-Miming songs and voiceovers.
-Funny dance moves/manoeuvres
-Acting out relatable scenes
-How-to videos
-Look at Trending Tik Tok videos and try your own version.
-Educating others
-Pranks or social experiments

-Answering questions in time with text and music
-Just simply being weird (my favourite!)
-Specific topic videos

-Fashion and makeup

Our Tik Tok:  @Moodpants.

7. An Important To Do List

This is your time to get everything done that has been at the top of your to-do list for a long time. Make a list of everything you will accomplish in the next few weeks. Firstly, create a ‘today’ list for each day and have 3 important things you want to accomplish

-Headache tasks
-Emails to prewrite
– Housework
-Organization systems
-Unfinished projects
– Connections to reach out to
-Blogs/ your website/ research

8. Board Games Competition

Board games are something the whole household can join in with. Have a tally board with everyone’s name on and write the list of games down the edge. If teams work better do that. Play online games virtually with friends to keep the whole group busy.

-Some of our favourite games:
-Exploding Kittens

9. Start Writing That Book You Never Started

Writing a book takes time. In this period of doubt and frustration, it’s a period where new ideas come about. This could be the time where you create something amazing because you now have the time.

-Choose something you would like to write about
-Have a topic you know how to talk about
-Plan your characters, proposed chapters, your world and the progression your story takes
– 1 page a day is all you need (little and often adds up to great things!)

10. A Plan For When Things Blow Over

Questions to ask yourself and answer:
Where are you now in your life? What can you do now to help you in 3-4 months time? What is your dream for the future? How will you achieve it? What can I learn to self-develop and improve? Where do I want to be in a year? What are my strengths? What is it that I enjoy? How much do I want to be earning?

Create an action plan from your answers and reflect on yourself now. Answer all the questions you’ve been needing to.

11. Get involved in a community

With self-isolation and social distancing, life can feel lonely, especially if you are living by yourself. We need social interaction, purely because we are human. This is where online communities come in!  A way to keep in touch, support each other and stay aware of what’s going on. I have seen a lot of communities focusing on only the positive aspects of life right now, sharing great things people are doing and giving away free help to those who need it.

There are a range of communities on Facebook at the present moment, during this crisis. Business communities supporting small businesses, neighbourhood group chats, communities for Mums. Even OAP’S could have their own community such as gardening discussions and talking about local events for them.

-Maybe you are lucky and are in constant contact, you may be living with other members of your household. Is there something that you could contribute to a community to help the people in it.
-If you need a shoulder to lean on (virtually) you could approach a group, introduce yourself and reach out for help.

-If you know any older people, maybe grandparents, or an elderly neighbour, find something they can join, a safe space which can be fun also. You could post notes through your neighbours’ door to propose a WhatsApp group 😊

12. Online Courses

Time to improve, keep your brain in check and come back stronger.
What do you want to excel in?
What do you want to learn?
What skills do you need to apply to get to your dream job?
There are a range of resources online to help with this such as Udemy and YouTube. From design, writing, cooking, marketing, web design, business, Excel.

13. Create a home survival Spotify playlist

Spend some time compiling your top songs into 1 playlist, hunt through the charts and find moods that are relevant right now. Have different themed playlists: motivation, chillout, peace of mind, party.

14. Home workouts/yoga

I’m setting myself the challenge for doing an 18-minute workout for 5 days a week which will prepare me in time for Summer to get that healthy and toned beach body that I usually don’t have time for.

Find people on Instagram and YouTube that have been in the same situation as you, maybe a weight loss journey or building muscle journey. Trust me, right now their workouts will be tailored for home. Save their workouts, attempt one each day and track your progress.

The same goes for Yoga, there are so many resources teaching Yoga and mindfulness. This is a great morning ritual to get out of a rut, clear your head and set you up for your day.

15. Journaling

Grab a notebook, and every day or every 3 days write down everything that you are thinking or feeling. Brain dump and then conclude at the end of your session. This helps so much with expressing your emotions and not bottling it all up. These could include positive affirmations or an action at the end to make things better.
Hopefully after this we can become better people when it’s over! Hope this helped, share your favourite things to do down below in the comments! We would love to hear from you.

-Zoe xx