The Best Underwear For Yoga

Happy world yoga day!


To you yogis out there

Underwear for yoga can be the decider of a good or bad yoga session. There is the undercover go commando group of ladies, the ones who meet with their weekly camel down there, then there’s the scratchers and fidgets. And of course there are these successful women that only need to focus on one thing; the yoga. Which group of women are you? But most importantly which group of women do you want to be?

Are you going through these struggles? Well here are the top struggles of Yoga when it comes to too much string and not enough stretch and the ultimate steps to avoiding uncomfortable yoga.

This vital choice of undies need to be breathable ones.

Most yoga leggings or sports bottoms are going to be polyester, or heavy in Elastane, so you need to at least give yourself a break underneath. Lacy thongs are going to stab you up the you know what and before you know it, your “you know what” is going to be as bright as those red lacy thongs. You don’t want your fellow yoga ladies to think you are having a mild scratch game.

The common struggle of the bend the leg and fabric slip, hoiking everything you know down there out of existence. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the camel toe. I didn’t really thing camels were subtle and stealthy but this one rides up in the blink of an eye. This causes your underwear to scrunch up, causing a hot yoga mess from the sweaty polyster panties. Instead of this, a cotton stretch fabric which gives you lots of movement and room to flex, bend, squat and swivel is a safe and reliable option. The slight elastane provides a bounce and spring in your pose ready for reaching your toes and for those intricate poses like the Trikonasana.

Pantie pinging pinch is also very real.

This happens when underwear is stiff and narrow at the gusset, only providing a narrow bridge for sitting. This is common in squats, splits, or positioning your feet apart. And suddenly we have another form of disappearing underwear. There is no pulling yourself out of this one, so choose some yoga underwear with a wider gusset to act as a fool proof magnet, meaning you can stretch North, South, East and West.

The style of your pants is also something to consider, Brazilians are beautiful but they are not practical. Thongs are sexy but they aren’t your friend here. Bloomers offer too much fabric for a slick and tight workout. Bikini style, the cheeky style and girl short styles are ideal for yoga. You are keeping your bottom in and letting your yoga style out

Finally there’s the Falling down and loosing grip.

That’s for the newbies, build yourself up and then try the tricky stuff. A bit like the flimsy and poor piece of elastic around some knickers or none at all, bound to slip of and sag down your yoga bum. you need something safe and secure like you’re protecting your belongings and preventing any “mis-haps.” Waist bands hold it all in and create a safe seal, making sure your yoga perfect pants stay where you put them… on your hips.

Had a laugh? well Comment the struggles you have down below when it comes to Yoga and your clothing choices ???? We’d love to discuss everything Yoga and how you tackle these common problems!

Zoe xx