Let’s Save The Earth Together

We have 12 years to save the Earth!


Hey Mood Pantsers. I wanted to take some time to write this blog because I’m a strong believer that we can all save our wonderful planet together by taking small bits of action every day. The UN has warned us that we have 12 years to save the Earth and to limit the climate change catastrophe. What will it take us to realise? There are many ways we can embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle and permanently do it in style! Here are some of our simple favourites that we would absolutely love for you to do too:

Ensuring we stay Eco-Friendly at Mood Pants

From the outset of Mood Pants, we decided to cut out all plastics, from the manufacturing to the delivery of Mood Pants. Our gift boxes are fully recyclable and made from recycled card.

Our 7 ways to help preserve our environment

  1. Single use plastics are killing our oceans. We should be embracing and using colourful, reusable bottles that are also great accessories and encourage you to drink water!
  2. Swap your tampons and pads for a menstrual cup which is the only cup you’ll ever need! A one time buy and no leaks in your Mood Pants (thank us later ?)
  3. Plastic carrier bags are suffocating our wildlife. Make yourself a trendy shopper and simply load your car with reusable bags. Don’t waste 10p every time you go to the shop, it adds up!
  4. Makeup wipes block our sewers, use mineral water instead which is good for your skin and lasts in the long run.
  5. It doesn’t take long to put card and paper in the recycling bin. Wash your foil dishes and tins. Put vegetable peels in the compost bin.
  6. Plastic dominant companies lay the foundation of our dying planet. Think about whether you are continuing their polluting ways and support what is right! By doing all of this ♻️ you save money ♻️ you feel better ♻️ YOU WILL HELP TO SAVE THE EARTH

We’d love to hear how you help to benefit our planet so please let us know! Until next time guys and girls!

Zoe xx