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About Us

Why Mood Pants?

Our mission is to create a fun and enjoyable experience. After all, everyone needs pants, so why not add some fun to them!

Mood Pants are a quirky range of fun, gift boxed ladies underwear, humorously designed to match your mood!

Think of all the times you’ve wondered what kind of present to buy a friend or loved one. Whether it’s a stocking filler, a gift for your girlfriend or even something to get for the whole Hen Party squad… Mood Pants make a fun, memorable gift and bring laughter all around!

Treat your grumpy friend to a pair of Happy Pants to cheer her up and make her smile!

Or let that loved one who is always there to encourage you know how much you appreciate her by treating her to a pair of Mood Pants.

It’s your Mood, your Choice.

Wear your Mood on your Bum.

Providing a high quality and comfortable product has always been a priority of ours and we have designed Mood Pants to ensure that we stay true to this promise. Our products are ethically sourced, sustainably produced and super comfy.


We want your Mood Pants to make you laugh, lighten your mood and even turn a grumpy day into a happy day!

Zoe, Co-Founder of Mood Pants

Zoe, Co-Founder of Mood Pants

Mood Pants Pop Up Shop

Mood Pants Pop Up Shop

The Story of Mood Pants

We wanted to create a unique range of products with a large element of fun. A brand that will make people smile, and a brand that people can enjoy with us.

In December 2017, we came up with the concept of Mood Pants following an occasion where I called Zoe “Mrs Grumpy Pants”. This sparked the idea off for us where we could design pants for people to wear to mirror the mood they are in.

Our venture started off with hours and hours of planning at the dining room table, which turned into the “Mood Pants room” but rapidly expanded as we brought our ideas to reality.

Luke and Zoe

Eco-Friendly Promise

Sustainability has always been a goal of ours that we ensure to achieve. Our packaging is sustainable and made with recycled card. Be part of preserving our planet by recycling your Mood Pants gift box.

Mood Pants gift boxes