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Embrace your Good Mood



Face your Bad Mood

Unique Gift Boxed Ladies Underwear to Match Her Mood

All of our underwear is made to a superb quality, with 95% cotton and 5% elastane for added stretch and maximum comfort. Our beautifully crafted waistband and colourful graphic designs make a fantastic addition even to the most gorgeous pantie drawer. Your Mood Pants are delivered to you in an eco-friendly gift box.

Wear Your Mood On Your Bum - primary slogan

Miss Grumpy Pants

How about a grumpy micro pig perched on your bottom? Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay, and instead of taking it out on the world around you, slap a pair of Grumpy Pants on and sit on that bad mood!

Grumpy Pants – £11.00

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Grumpy Teacup Pig